Which product is best for start a website online store?

The best products can simply understand the products with characteristics, monopolizing the needs of consumers, and bring the largest sales segment market share through advertising.

From this, we can also evaluate the profit model of the business: net profit = {sales – commodity cost – advertising expenses – (logistics + labor cost)} * sign in rate. This kind of goods are usually sent to a supplier. Therefore, the commodity and logistics cost in the formula almost do not need early investment. As long as the user places an order, you can contact the supplier to place an order.

In this way, the biggest expenditure is the cost of advertising. This kind of advertising is usually in the form of CPC or CPM. Therefore, if you want to get higher revenue, you must improve the conversion rate of all aspects of advertising.

2、 Why is it said that the supplier’s agent is the operation of “no capital, no profit” and empty handed white wolf?

From the perspective of high-tech T-shirts, it’s 99 yuan for two pieces. According to the price of 50 yuan for one piece, I evaluated the profit of the business. I went to check the “2019 black technology T-shirts” again. It’s really in stock, 8.7 yuan for each piece! Why empty handed white wolf? I don’t even have the goods in TM. After the user places the order, I can go to the factory directly!

Then why is it called “profit without capital”?

According to the above formula (net profit = {sales – commodity cost – advertising expenses – (logistics + labor cost)} * sign in rate), it is estimated that:

(suppose it’s in the form of CPC advertisement, which costs 3 yuan per click. The conversion rate from Click to order is 40%, and the signing rate is 60%. The sales volume is 22171 as shown in the figure, and the logistics & labor cost is 5 yuan per piece.)

Sales unit price = 50

Sales = 50 * 22171 = 1108550

Commodity cost = 8.7 * 22171 = 192887.7

Advertising cost = 22171 / 40% * 3 = 166282.5

Logistics & labor cost = 5 * 22171 = 110855

Net profit = (1108550-192887.7-16282.5-110855) * 60% = 473114.88 ¥.

Are you excited to see this? A commodity has a revenue of 470000 yuan in a few days, and it seems that nothing has been invested. Hey, don’t worry, keep looking. Following the details page, I found the mall of this store again

One commodity has a profit of more than 400000. What about 10 or 100? It’s said that someone once made tens of millions of profits in the peak period. This process is not complicated, and it doesn’t need too much investment. I’ll try it!

All in All, Focus what you interesting, focus the consumer’s special needs and take all of them ASAP.

Do you want to try, supper size bra? Oversized shoes? try something special to start with.

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