How to start (choose) online fashion store (clothing) business? from China

How to open a clothing store? There are no more than two points: first, the positioning before opening the store. Second, Operation after opening: maximize the exposure of the store by using a variety of channels. Next, let’s unlock together. How to open a good clothing store?

1、 Thinking before opening the store.

01 Cosumer positioning: who do you want to sell your clothes to?

According to this, the location of the shop is selected. If you want to open a shop in the night market business district, the price can’t be set too high. If the store is located in a high-end residential area, the pricing of 199 and 299 can’t attract ladies to come to your shop. Only by finding the price and style of your shop can you accurately reach the main customer groups. To be able to make your store have business, you must know the customer group attributes around, including gender, occupation, age, consumption habits, etc., and be able to conduct market research, whether there are stores similar to you nearby, whether they are clustered business circles, etc.

02 Style orientation: what do you rely on to attract customers?

The new store lacks brand elements. Customers walk by the door. Why does she come in and have a look? Of course, it’s your door design, window display style. After customers enter the store, can you see the texture of your clothes at that age? Is it visually comfortable and chic. If all of them are, in the hearts of customers, the first reaction may be: I like the style of this store. I like several of them. Although they are not suitable for me, they are popular star models recently. Operation careful machine: collocation. If the shopkeeper is a fashion expert, you might as well match all the clothes in complete sets and hang them on the wall to maintain the visual beauty. This very intuitive way of wearing and matching works very well for most people. Maybe she won’t buy a complete set, but the complete set of matching will form a picture in her mind, and customers will imagine what they look like when they put on their clothes. Window display. This position is like the first screen gold advertising position of the website, which is the product position of the store image. A handful of stores are putting hot-selling and new models on the fake models, which is likely to increase the number of visits that day. Impress your customers. Women’s consumption is sensual. They can also put potted plants and flowers in the store to increase the atmosphere. They can also put some aromatherapy to build up the mood.

03 Selling unique style, while listening to customer demand characteristics, has always been the success factor of clothing store business!

When you create a small shop with a strong style, customers will come to the door because they like this special style. At the same time, it’s more important to listen to the needs of customers. Popular information can be found on the Internet, newspapers and magazines, but the most real interactive relationship is what the real guests like and suit when they stand in front of you. Through the dialogue with the guests, we can know what most of the guests care about in choosing clothes, The acceptance of new designs or the types of new designs that can be tried are all the tips for store owners to retain customers. There are more details about opening a clothing store. If you want to open your own clothing store, the complexity of the work is really beyond words. Many people always think that it’s good to buy and sell, but what you see is only the surface. For example, the whole goods, price, inventory, display, store cleaning preparation, etc. in addition, store leasing, decoration, design, etc. involve another issue of preparation in advance. It is a good dream to open a store, but more importantly, whether your enthusiasm and interest are enough to support you to complete such a dream is the most real reality.

2、 Post store operation: maximize exposure through multiple channels.

After becoming a shopkeeper, we should consider more about how to drain, promote and improve the transformation. Captors suggest: make good use of the free promotion of new media to guide small stores. Do a good job and get twice the result with half the effort.

01 Live Vedio Sell: 24 hours, Online

They sell 400 pieces live in one hour, sell clothes live in wholesale stalls, and sell 400 pieces in one hour free time. Customers feel that they have made a profit in retail pricing. So, shopkeepers, do you keep up with the live broadcast?! As long as the store is in, fans can gather, so insist, don’t lose heart, won’t waste much time, and once this is done, with the entity’s performance is complementary.

02 Micro community: expand the source of customers and enhance the stickiness of old customers

In 2017, social e-commerce was hot. The uncle who sells fruit in the community also knows that after the customer pays, he is invited to enter the wechat group of the store. Therefore, selling clothes will be the same. Although clothes are low-frequency consumption compared with fruits, there are many old customers and they are more viscous. For example, as long as there is a unique style and the quality is acceptable, the customers still recognize it. It’s easy to attract people into the group. After the new shop, season clearance, personalized recommendations can be sent in the group. In this way, even if the daily passenger flow into the store is small, it will be supplemented by cable, killing two birds with one stone. If your store has not been open for a long time and has no customer base, you can also make a single page with the owner’s QR code attached. Go to the community, school or places with potential customers to send it. Don’t just limit it to physical stores. If you want to make money, you have to find ways and take more actions.

03 Social media friends

Share and showing up products to your friends through social media, if your friends like it, you can try it after work. By the way, you can bring a few colleagues and little sisters. Won’t your customer come?

04 Social Webpage: every smaller individuals have their own brands.

What official account is, if the owner has time, can subscribe to the subscription number. The public number is a protracted war. If you don’t have any hobbies, you need to send pictures, distribute collocation, and recommend new products. As long as the clothes look good and the shopkeeper has an attitude towards fashion, your fans are willing to pay attention to you and spread it for you. This may also be a bit of personal network red meaning.

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